2017 - 2024 Pro2Future – Products and Production Systems of the Future,
Funded by Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), COMET K1-Centre program, Grant no. 854184, 19 M EUR.
2015 - 2018 VisOnFire - Visual Analysis of Large and Heterogeneous Scientific Workflows for Analytical Provenance,
Funded by Austrian Science Fund (FWF), State of Upper Austria, Nationalstiftung, Stand-Alone Project, Grant no. P27975-NBL, 352k EUR.
2015 - 2018 Development of Multi-Dimensional Genomic Data Visualization and Data Mining Techniques,
Funded by Boehringer Ingelheim Regional Center Vienna, 210k EUR.
2015 - 2018 TourGuide - Navigation System for Capturing and Analyzing Complex Clinical Data,
Funded by State of Upper Austria, Innovatives OÖ2020, Grant no. 851460, 400k EUR.
2013 - 2016 PIPES-VS-DAMS - Privacy Preserving Visual Dynamic Network Analysis for Advanced System Monitoring on Multiple Scales,
Funded by Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), IKT der Zukunft program, Grant no. 840232, 410k EUR.
2013 - 2016 Austrian Teaching Cooperation in Visual Computing,
Funded by Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy, 96k EUR.
2011 Future Lab Grant,
Funded by Graz University of Technology, 38k EUR.
2010 - 2013 Caleydoplex - Information Exploration in Teams,
Funded by Austrian Science Fund (FWF), Stand-alone projects program, Grant no. P22902, 225k EUR.
2009 - 2012 InGeneious - Visualization of Biomolecular and Clinical Data,
Funded by Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), BRIDGE program, Grant no. 385567, 180k EUR.