Courses at Johannes Kepler University Linz

since 2012 Information Visualization Lecture and lab
since 2012 Visual Analytics Lecture and lab
since 2012 Computer Graphics Lab
since 2012 Accompanying Courses for PhD, Master and Bachelor Students Seminar
2013 Visual Computing for Virtual Anatomy Lecture (together with Oliver Bimber and Franz Fellner)

Courses at Harvard University

2014 Data Science (CS 109) Lecture (visualization part)

Courses at Imperial College London

since 2016 Visualisation (BS1807) Lecture and lab (together with Andy Kirk, Ryo Sarkai)
since 2019 Visualisation (bs2307) Lecture and lab (online module)

Courses at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

2013 - 2018 Visual Analytics Lecture and lab (bi-yearly)
2012 - 2014 Computer Graphics Lecture and lab

Courses at Graz University of Technology

2009 - 2011 Selected Topics Computer Graphics: Visualization Lecture and lab
2009 - 2011 Computer Graphics 1 Lab
2009 - 2011 Computer Graphics 2 Lab
2009 - 2011 Distributed Systems Lab
2009 - 2011 Accompanying Courses for Project Students: Introduction to Scientific Work, Presentation Techniques Lecture and lab
2008 - 2010 Real-Time Graphics Lab
2007 - 2010 Virtual Reality Lab

Tutorials and Guest Lectures

2015-10-09 Creating Data Visualisations
3rd BiVi (Biological Visualisation Community) Annual Meeting , held together with Jan Aerts
Edinburgh, UK
2015-10-09 Data Visualization and Analysis
Smart Production Qualification Network funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)
Hagenberg, Austria
2015-08-21 Visualization & Visual Analytics
International Summer School on Visual Computing organized by Fraunhofer IGD
Rostock, Germany
2015-05-19 Biological Data Visualization
Guest Lecture at Visualization Course, University of Vienna
Vienna, Austria
2013-02-21 Cancer Data Analysis with Caleydo StratomeX and enRoute
Symposium on Understanding Cancer Genomics through Information Visualization at Tokyo University , held together with Alexander Lex
Tokyo, Japan
2012-10-15 Connecting the Dots - Showing Relationships in Data and Beyond
Half-day Tutorial at IEEE VisWeek'12 , held together with Hans-Jörg Schulz and Alexander Lex
Seattle, WA, USA
2012-01-23 Visual Linking in Information Visualization and Beyond
Guest Lecture at Visualization Course, Rostock University , held together with Hans-Jörg Schulz
Rostock, Germany

Student Supervision

Since 2019-10 PhD Thesis Conny Walchshofer Provenance Intent (working title)
Since 2019-10 PhD Thesis Vaishali Dhanoa Fuzzy Spreadsheets (working title)
Since 2019-02 PhD Thesis Patrick Adelberger Visual Cohort Analysis (working title)
Since 2019-01 PhD Thesis Andreas Hinterreiter Human-Interpretable AI (working title)
Since 2018-11 PhD Thesis Klaus Eckelt Visual Cohort Analysis (working title)
Since 2018-02 Bachelor's Thesis Dominik Dirmeier Fusing Data Analysis with Data Wrangling
2019-03 - 2019-10 Bachelor's Thesis Michael Pühringer InstanceFlow: Visualizing the Evolution of Instance Classification in Deep Learning
2019-03 - 2019-09 Bachelor's Thesis Moritz Schöfl Rubik’s Cube Solution Algorithm Demonstrator
2018-02 - 2019/02 Master's Project Vaishali Dhanoa Visualization of Fundamental Computer Graphics Concepts
2018-01 - 2019/01 Bachelor's Thesis Christian Steinparz Rubik’s Cube Solver Visualization
2013-11 - 2018-04 PhD Thesis Holger Stitz Interactive Focus+Context Analysis of Time-Series and Provenance Data
2012-06 - 2018-12 PhD Thesis Christian Partl Visual Integration of Heterogeneous Data and Its Representations
2017-03 - 2018-08 Master's Thesis Klaus Eckelt Data-Driven User Guidance in Multi-Attribute Data Exploration
2012-11 - 2017-04 PhD Thesis Samuel Gratzl Visually Guiding Users in Selection, Exploration, and Presentation Tasks
2015-10 - 2016-10 Master's Thesis Michael Gillhofer Provenance Graph-Based Steering
2015-03 - 2016-05 Master's Thesis Reem Hourieh Comparative Visualization of Large Tabular Data
2014-01 - 2016-02 Master's Thesis Stefan Luger Interactive Visualization of Provenance Graphs for Reproducible Biomedical Research
2014-03 - 2015-02 Master's Project Reem Hourieh Enhanced Edge Bundling
2013-07 - 2014-01 Master's Project Stefan Luger Workflow Visualization for the Refinery Platform
2012-11 - 2013-11 Bachelor's Thesis Michael Gillhofer Bi-Cluster Visualization
2011-10 - 2013-03 Masters' Thesis Thomas Geymayer Context Preserving Visual Links Across Applications
2011-03 - 2012-07 Master's Thesis Christian Partl Multiform Visualization of Heterogeneous Data
2010-10 - 2011-09 Bachelor's Thesis Thomas Geymayer Filter Pipeline Visualization
2010-02 - 2011-01 Bachelor's Thesis Michael Kerber Eye-Controlled Game
2010-02 - 2010-12 Bachelor's Thesis Hannes Plank Eye-Controlled View Management
2010-04 - 2010-10 Bachelor's Thesis Michael Lafer Cluster Visualization using Treemaps
2009-10 - 2010-09 Master's Thesis Jürgen Pillhofer Caleydo: Integrating a Scatter Plot Visualization
2009-04 - 2009-09 Bachelor's Thesis Oliver Pimas Visual Links in a 2D/3D Information Visualization System
2009-10 - 2010-10 Master's Practicum Christian Partl Comparative Analysis
2009-03 - 2010-01 Bachelor's Thesis Helmut Pichlhöfer Visualizing Dependencies between Pathway Graphs
2009-06 - 2010-02 Bachelor's Thesis Stefan Sauer Visualization of Patient Data using Glyphs
2009-02 - 2010-01 Master's Thesis Bernhard Schlegl Visual Analytics for Gene Expression Data
2009-02 - 2009-12 Master's Thesis Werner Puff Collaborative Information Visualization in a Multi-Desktop Environments
2009-03 - 2009-11 Bachelor's Thesis Christian Partl Visualizing a Cluster Hierarchy using a Radial Layout
2008-10 - 2009-02 Master's Project Bernhard Schlegl Multi-Level Information Visualization for Large Data Sets with Heat Maps